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Odile  Odile  
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Le Sourire de Suzie (Suzie's smile)  

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Description du titre

Made from illustrations selected at Bologna Children's book fair in 2010, ANNE CRAHAY's picture book is a marvel of tenderness and poetry.

The story of a small person who, every single morning,
would hang a smile at her ears the same way she would put her socks on.
In her wardrobe lie thousand smiles made of paper among which:
the improvised smile,
the smile matching her scarf,
the smile for the spinach with the yucky cream,
the smile for the class photo,
the smile "I'm not even afraid",
the smile to say "I'm well"
"very well"
"thank you."
A smile as a defence.
A picture book about the difficulty to be, plain and simple, one's self, about the need to be loved.

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1 mai 2019

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Anne Crahay https://www.ricochet-jeunes.org/auteurs/anne-crahay