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Jean Joachim   Jean Joachim  

Bottom of the Ninth: Matt Jackson, Catcher (Volume 2)  

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Matt Jackson, clutch hitter, fielder extraordinaire, and team captain, is dynamite on the baseball field, but a loser with women. Or is he? He makes a show of coming on to chicks in bars, but always strikes out. Convinced being dateless is safer, Matt keeps his distance from women. Is he simply an insensitive chauvinist, or a crafty man hiding a secret?

Everything he believes in is challenged the day he walks in on a beautiful woman in the locker room. Dusty, the sharp-tongued spitfire, cuts the all-star pro down to size. Unwilling to accept second-class status, she challenges everything he knows about women.
Does a solo life make living with emotional pain easier? Drawn to the stunning, talented woman, Matt has a long way to go to win her trust. Getting close to Dusty is dangerous. Can he risk his well-protected heart? Matt faces a difficult choice -- will he make the right decision?

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20 sept. 2016

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Jean Joachim is an American award-winning, best-selling, contemporary romance writer of 28 books. Living in New York City Jean Joachim, has been writing non-fiction until she got up with fiction. Now she spends her days in New York City in the company of her characters, with a cup of tea and a secret stash of black licorice.