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Le Seuil Jeunesse Le Seuil Jeunesse


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A fabulous initiatory trip to guide children who are growing up.

This tender picture book is the story of a journey towards the acceptation of a new order of the world: the birth of a little brother or sister.
It isn’t easy to become a big sister. Suddenly, when the baby is born, the little girl would like to be a baby again, to remain the one and only, the one her parents look at. Good thing for her, Hector the old cuddly toy is here to accompany her on the way to gradually give up her fear, her anger, her sadness, and to accept this little brother and the joy that comes with him.
This little girl, that readers are following over the pages, gradually becomes someone else: a big sister. With great sensitivity, Cécile Roumiguière reflects on this complicated age.

Argumentaire de vente


A picture book to softly prepare children for the arrival of a little brother or sister.

A very strong graphic universe with refreshing and colourful illustrations.

A young and talented illustrator: Clémence Monnet.

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Date de parution

1 sept. 2019

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Cécile Roumiguière has had a carrier in stage management that brought her to writing. She has already written more than twenty picture books (Mon chagrin éléphant in 2015 at Thierry Magnier) and children’s novel (Les Fragiles at Sarbacane in 2016). At Seuil Jeunesse, she has published the novel Pablo de la Courneuve, the picture books L’Enfant silence and Dans le ventre de la terre and the pop-up book Zou le zoo!

Autres contributeurs (illustrateur, traducteur)

After graduated at École supérieure d'art et de design d'Orléans, Clémence Monnet worked in textile design for children's fashion brands. Later, she exposed more personal drawings and develop her style to adapt it to the world of publishing and the press. Hector and the Wild Beasts is her first album.


240 x 290 mm – 40 pages – Hardback – €13.90